Neox is a product in which the details’ care throw its weight.
Technology is at the service of the quality and not of a series industrial production.
An artisan workshop soul inherited by the history of our places… the Venetian northeast.

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The Neox e-commerce where you can find e-bikes, accessories, helmets and sportswear.

Neox Point

Search on the map for the Neox Point closest to where you live or work, to receive qualified technical assistance.

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Contact us to organize a visit and chose your Neox in our factory

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Neox E-bike on promotion, 0 km or refurbished ones, checked by our technicians.

Management Team

Fabrizio Storti

SIRAL srl - Italy

Mauro Storti

SIRAL srl - Italy

Marika Brentan

SIRAL srl - Italy

Catia Storti

SIRAL srl - Italy

2 years warranty

Neox is the equivalent of high quality, durability and functionality for what concerns the definition, production and manufacturing of the materials. In order to be able to use the whole possibilities of the product is necessary to respect some rules well written in the Neox Manual, which will be given to each customer. At the moment of the purchase of each Neox model, the customer will find the “Neox4You” kit to activate the warranty.

Technical assistance

How does the post-sale assistance work?

How does the warranty and special maintenance work?

With Neox Service we thought about everything so you can gain time and we can take care of you at our best with our qualified technicians.