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    Company fleet

    NEOX offers new solutions for customized corporate mobility.

    Create your company Neox or for your staff. Thanks to the monoharm and to the battery pipe, we offer the possibility to customize Neox with a logo of your company that will be exposed every time you or your staff will use the e-bike.

    Customer Care

    2 years warranty

    Neox is synonymous with high quality, durability and functionality in material definition, production and processing.

    In order to fully exploit the potential of your product, follow the guidelines in your Neox manual. On purchasing any Neox model, use the ‘Neox4You’ package to activate your warranty.

    Technical assistance

    How does the post-sale assistance work?

    How does the warranty and special maintenance work?

    We thought about everything so you can gain time and we can take care of you a tour best with our qualified technicians.