Technical features

  • 48 Volt and 500 W/h battery
  • 27,5” wheels
Clawed tires
  • Suspension fork


Handlebars stem lenght 120 mm
Handlebars width 700 mm
Pedals lenght 175 mm
Ø drop seat post 31,6 mm
Drop seat post lenght 300 mm
Ø wheel with tyre 700 mm
Wheels dimensions 27,5"

Functionality and speed in the wheel change

One Neox… many uses! Facility, functionality and speed in the wheel change allow to adapt your Neox to different routes, lands and uses.



Optimal 55 km
Normal 35 km
Heavy 25 km


Optimal 80 km
Normal 60 km
Heavy 50 km


Optimal 135 km
Normal 100 km
Heavy 75 km

Neox Plus

Display LCD

  • Light and simple design, with separated installation clamp
  • TFT colour display, 3,5 inches with high brilliance and elevated contrast
  • Clock function (the clock keeps working while the display turns off)
  • Excellent external design with waterproof IP65
  • Micro USB port

F.811 transmission

Neox transmission system is unique in the world. No gears have insertion transversal movements that causes the usual wear of the gears. Morover this system allowed us to protect everything, also the chain, in a die-cast and completely watertight aluminium shell. The cleaning after the use it’s easier like no other product of its category.

Double antitheft

A wide range
 of accessories

Costumer Care

2 years warranty

Neox is the equivalent of high quality, durability and functionality for what concerns the definition, production and manufacturing of the materials. In order to be able to use the whole possibilities of the product is necessary to respect some rules well written in the Neox Manual, which will be given to each customer. At the moment of the purchase of each Neox model, the customer will find the “Neox4You” kit to activate the warranty.

Technical assistance

How does the post-sale assistance work?

How does the warranty and special maintenance work?

We thought about everything so you can gain time and we can take care of you a tour best with our qualified technicians.