How steep of a slope can I handle with Neox?

The ability to “climb” of electric bikes depends on several factors: steepness of the climb, the rider’s weight, amount of muscular contribution, battery status, model of the bike, selected service level. An athletic girl weighing 50 kg can overcome even a gradient of 15-20%, while a sedentary man of 100 kg is unlikely to exceed...

What kind of frame does a Neox have?

One of the many innovations of a Neox bike is also its unisex frame: to make the e-bike easier to use and accessible to both genders, there is a single standard-sized frame that, after tests and experimentations, fits round about the universal measure M-L. Neox Headquarter does not exclude the possibility in the future of...

Where can I try out a Neox bike?

Our company has a network of retailers all over Italy; you can find the list here on our website in the section “Neox Shop - Find your Neox”.

What power reserve can I expect from my Neox?

Each model’s spec sheet lists the maximum distance that can be travelled by a Neox in ideal conditions. Several parameters affect mileage and they are listed in the product instructions. In general, the factors that reduce distance are: uphill riding, limited muscular contribution, city use (stop-and-go), cold weather, the rider’s weight, high speed, battery age,...

Can I use Neox to ride uphill?

One of the common reasons why people buy an e-bike is because it’s a useful aid uphill. All our models feature gear ratios that allow you to determine the best muscular effort required.

What is an e-bike with pedal assistance?

It’s a bicycle that features an auxiliary electric motor that helps the cyclist only when he’s actually pedalling. European Directive 2002/24/EC calls for three characteristics: electric motor with power not above 250W, power supply cut-off at a speed of 25 km/h and motor power supplied on only while the cyclist is pedalling. If the motor...

Do Neox bikes come with a warranty?

Yes, the “Neox4You” package. The warranty will be handed to you upon delivery for each e-bike manufactured in Recoaro Terme. For more details, simply contact the Neox Headquarter.

Do you have a price list?

The price list is available directly on our website in the section “Configure your Neox” or at one of our retailers.

What is F8.11?

“F8.11” is a revolutionary invention born to ensure maximum control, comfort and efficiency and is the first ever to come directly from an e-bike concept. It’s a patented sequential electronic gearbox with rotary shift and auxiliary motor built into the gearbox. This system gets rid of any transverse movement inside or outside the motor/gearbox. Full...

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